Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 20: Dungeons & Dragons

"It was never quite that squeezy"


While the rest of the party slept soundly Chari snuck out to Glassfog with Cordyceps, hoping the acolytes in the temple of Erathis would be able to remove whatever curse was upon the sword. Instead, whatever intelligence the weapon possessed took hold of the local cleric, and the young monk found herself engaged in a particularly uncomfortable and revealing conversation. Chari immediately flung Cordyceps into Stormcatcher Bay. However, when Micah came down to breakfast the sword had magically returned to his side.

In the morning the group said their goodbyes (and paid their debts) to Tabitha Burke and Lady Anjah and stepped through Eli’s portal into the Wraithwood. Climbing a tree, Chari spotted twinkling lights in the distance. The party followed the trail through the forest’s dense and chilly interior to the site of an ancient, ruined keep—now home to a vicious wyvern. After nearly losing Jinn to the clutches of a shambling mound in the courtyard, the group decided to proceed through the rest of the location with caution.

Descending into the crumbling, underground tunnels, the heroes discovered evidence that the keep formerly belonged to House Sibilans. Farther into the subterranean maze the group came across a blank stone wall. A pattern in the masonry lead Bartleby to believe the previous Knight of Cups, Sir Adamar Erendriel, had perhaps left the grail inside. Without hesitation Bart set to breaching the wall, eager to discover the secrets held within.

Items Acquired

Potions Magic Items Other Coin
Ancient Gold Coins (x12) 200pp



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