Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 18: Bargains & Bicuspids

"I think our dads are angry"


Sir Bartleby, Chari, and Jinn left the palace with Calla to make camp in the surrounding forest. The two elves stood watch while Bart, plagued by nightmares, slept fitfully. During the evening a pair of curious choxani visited the campsite, eager to consume the colors of nearby plants and toadstools. Just as Chari appeared to be making friends the two creatures fled, apparently startled by Micah and Tabitha stumbling upon the group.

Tempers flared as the details of Calla’s pact with Micah came to light. All agreed, however, that the less time spent in the Feywild the better. As they pressed on through the forest the terrain grew darker and more foreboding. An unnerving sight met them as the group broke through the underbrush. Twisted shapes of tooth and bone littered the landscape among gnarled, grasping trees. Standing atop a small hill was a low structure of the same material. Tabitha attempted to parley with the denizens. However, the Builders, it seemed, were of the same faerie tribe Chari had encountered in Jarrow. Fulfilling their oath of vengeance, and aided by a monstrous construct, the faeries attacked.

With the Builders dispatched the group returned to the fey court where they were reunited with their companions. True to their word, the Lord and Lady of the Forest presented the party with Sakesu‘s key as well as a handsome cloak. On their way back to the entrance to the Material Plane the party spoke with ancient elf at length, hoping to gain some insight into their adversaries. However, crossing the cave’s threshold ended the magic sustaining their new friend, and he succumbed to the reality of his age.

Outside, bitter cold had been replaced by a balmy spring day. Tabitha’s ship, the Aeree Delight, was nowhere to be seen. The party had been gone for more than the few days experienced in the Feywild—and they had no idea how long.

Items Acquired

Potions Magic Items Other Coin
Potion of Resistance (thunder) Twinkle Toes Embroidered linen robe 80pp
Scroll of Revivify (7th lvl) Feather & star sapphire necklace 130gp
Lightguard Bronze & turquoise crown 11000sp
Onyx dragon figurine 500cp



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