Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 17: Faeries & Frolic

"This is why we don't lick caves."


The party—failing to learn from previous experience and once again leaving Micah to guard the ship—disembarked and made their way through the wooded hills towards a cave spotted from offshore. As they made their way through the underbrush they stumbled upon a basilisk. After quickly dispatching it, the group went in search of the nest and narrowly avoided a tangle of cave fishers in pursuit of the basilisk’s egg.

Making their way to the top of the rise, the group entered a much larger cavern filled with curious stalactites. Chari licking the sparkling cavern ceiling aside, things got progressively stranger until they adventurers found themselves quite unexpectedly on a beautiful hillside with a spectacular view of a gorgeous crystal castle and a brilliant sunset. Jinn, upon realizing they had crossed into the Feywild, advised caution.

As they navigated the woods surrounding the castle Chari found herself drawn to an irresistible melody coming from a nearby campsite. Bart and Jinn managed to temporarily suppress the enchantment, thus freeing Chari and the other ensorceled individuals. One of the victims, Sakesu, believed he had been dancing for only a few years. Over 800 years had passed outside the Feywild since his arrival. The party was surprised to discover that the elven gentleman had been a sometime companion of Charles Gilbratore and his adventuring party.

Together the group entered the gleaming castle aiming to retrieve the key Sakesu sought in the Feywild. However, the lord and lady of the forest were unwilling to assist until the group agreed to an exchange of favors. An uneasy bargain was struck. Leaving Marley and Sakesu in the sylvan halls, the group left the keep to meet their guide. An unlikely sight met them at the door. A fey calling herself Calla, whom they had met in the forest and had taken a particular shining to Chari, was to help them locate the Builders.

Items Acquired

Potions Magic Items Other Coin
Bag of Moonstones
Gold necklace w/emerald



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