Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 15: Skulls & Skyships

"He winked at me. Or maybe he blinked?"


Jinn and Bartleby met briefly with Lady Messeneth to warn her of the danger upon her nation’s doorstep (softening the news with a festive fruit arrangement). She thanked the pair for their concern, but confided that her attentions were largely pulled elsewhere—referring to the growing tensions between Rialdon and Galiesia. As they departed Messeneth offered her assistance should the party find themselves in Tandarrah.

With their supplies packed and the crew thoroughly checked for cultist ties, The Hornet lifted off from Jarrow’s skyship port. A frantic-yet-heartfelt goodbye between Chari and Isabella followed, and then the party was truly on their way. Nearly a week into the voyage the ship hit an unusually slow patch of wind. After a few days of sitting nearly dead in the proverbial water, the group took advantage of the lull to warn their eccentric captain, Ceres Doyini, of their mission.

Negotiations were brought to an abrupt halt when the lookout’s body mysteriously plummeted from the crow’s nest. Chari quickly discovered the culprits—a pair of disembodied hands. No sooner did the group realize something strange was afoot than the ship was rocked by cannonade fire. A harrowing battle ensued. The party valiantly defended The Hornet from the undead crew of the Night Saber and its foul Captain Brekenridge, succeeding in both defeating its master and destroying the ghost ship.

With the battle behind them, Jinn set down to outlining a new contract for services with Captain Doyini (through her liaison, Peanut). The remainder of the voyage passed with relatively little incident. The ship limped into Armadell’s harbor and the party disembarked, ready to set off on the next leg of their journey.



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