Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 14: Dates & Deals

"Did I reach enlightenment?"


Feeling guilty about the tragic end to Chari’s very first date, Sir Bartleby took it upon himself to rectify the situation with a flowers and a well-written letter to Isabella. While awaiting a reply he and Jinn met to plan the next steps of their quest, after which the group dispersed to take care of their own affairs over the next few days.

Micah, devastated about Thunderstrike’s true nature, had a productive conversation with his familiar. He spent the much of the afternoon in unsuccessful attempted heroics in Jarrow’s library. Undeterred, he consulted the local notice board. Reponding to to a plea for assistance from a local farm, Micah ventured into the Wyrmwood Forest. There, with the timely assistance of Thunderstrike, he slew an enormous dire wolf that had been plaguing the local peasantry.

Chari met Isabella for a second-chance at their first date. The two enjoyed an afternoon luncheon in the city gardens of High Town. Bonding over a mutual love of adventure stories, Chari lamented that being a hero was much more difficult than in the tales. With a quick kiss on the cheek Isabella assured her that it was a lovely afternoon and that Chari was doing fine on all fronts.

Sir Bartleby passed the time searching the markets for items to prepare the group for the adventures ahead. He also took a moment to drop by Esper Sherman’s office in Alderth Hall to request her assistance securing swift passage for the coming journey.

Jinn, ever the optimist, prepared an evening to sweep Irador off his feet. While ultimately successful, the rogue learned that the general was as tight-lipped about his personal life as he was about state secrets. The elf did, however, learn a curious fact: Irador had no scars to speak of, despite his lengthy military career.

Later on in the week Bart provided the group with an opportunity to celebrate with their new friends. The Crossed Staves played host to a proper Lliiran sermon and everyone from the Kordites to members of the city guard were in attendance. Despite the raging hangovers, everyone deemed the evening a success.



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