Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 13: Rings & Regrets

"I would never truck with cursed items"


Chari awoke in the Temple of Sarenrae with Isabella watching over her. The two established a time to get lunch later that afternoon, giving the young monk an opportunity to clean up from battle with Malcolm. Cheered by the prospect of her first date, Chari dashed back to the Crossed Staves where she met up with Jinn and Sir Bartleby, who had been debating the merits of investments in Jarrow. Joined by Micah, the group set out to collect their allies and meet with General Irador.

At the meeting the group brought the general up to speed, informing him of the party’s adventures in Rialdon leading up to the battle in the Wyrmwood forest, of the Kordite’s bravery and Erix’s continued assistance, and of the wizard Aerolus and his potential use as an ally. Jinn brought forth the letters he found in Malcolm’s study, indicating that The Goldfinch was likely following a lead to Tilesía.

Following the meeting, Chari headed to the Flying Fish in the Eastern Cross to meet Isabella for lunch, while Micah and Bartleby headed to the Iron Hills district to see about getting better equipment for the journey ahead. Micah decided to have the ring he collected off Malcolm identified. To his (and Bart’s) consternation, the ring was enchanted with a permanent scry spell. Without missing a beat Micah sent Thunderstrike to warn Chari and Jinn of this new development.

Chari, mid-date and seeing an unknown object streaking towards her, leapt into action. One deft fork-throw later, and Thunderstrike had landed unceremoniously in the table’s chowder. Isabella graciously excused herself to clean up and Chari stormed back to the Crossed Staves. While Bart and Micah seemed genuinely apologetic, realizing they’d ruined her date, Chari was furious. After informing Micah that Thunderstrike was, in fact, entirely evil, she stormed up to her room to pout. Jinn advised the two gentlemen that they had some serious atoning to do, and then headed to High Town to inform Irador of this unfortunate new development.



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