Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 11: Ambush & Arson

"There are plenty of gains for everyone."


Emboldened by Irador‘s sigil, the party began their investigation in earnest. Their first stop was to the warehouses in the Eastern Cross. Before they could meet with Jinn’s contact they were intercepted by a young busker named Alphalon. The gentleman seemed quite well-versed in both Micah’s exploits and, somewhat more inexplicably, lore surrounding the cult the party had been pursuing. He informed them that the cult they pursued were not, in fact, spreading the Silent Rot. Rather, the Rot was the entity behind the disease. According to legend, both the Rot and the Punishing Wind were entities whose purpose was to sow chaos throughout the land. This, in turn, would allow them to usher in an unimaginable, terrible force upon the world.

Perhaps the stakes were higher than they thought.

After receiving this sobering news the group met with Jinn’s contact, Isabella Driftlace. The harbormaster’s assistant agreed to provide them with information on the dealings between the Qamol Company and the elusive Malcolm, but would need some time to review the books. She met them later that afternoon at the Crossed Staves armed with a name—Locha Frye and word that Malcolm was still in Jarrow.

Bartleby suggested the prudent course of action might be to visit the Temple of Kord in the Iron Hills. If anyone would be prepared for impending conflict, it would be the Kordites. After speaking with Erix, the head of the order, the group headed back down to the docks to confront Frye. There they overhead a conversation between the Qamol Company trader and Malcolm himself indicating the latter’s displeasure with current affairs. However, before they could hear more Chari crashed through the ceiling of the warehouse in a spectacular turn of bad luck. A scuffle ensued and Malcolm escaped, leaving Locha to fend for himself (poorly).

Through creative use of their Bag of Holding the group was able to bring Frye back to the Crossed Staves for interrogation. Jinn, being the most experienced of the group, returned to the warehouse to further investigate the scene. He arrived back at the inn with pockets full of leads and loot. The group was hot on Malcolm’s trail.

Items Acquired:

Potions Magical Items Other Coin
Potion of Greater Healing (x2) Scroll of Dispel Magic (3rd lvl) Set of aquamarine & topaz earrings wrapped in an embroidered silk handkerchief 200pp
Silver necklace w/ obsidian stones475gp
Small golden fox statue
Bottle of fine wine (x6)250sp
Bolt of crimson silk fabric


Wait, we had a scroll of dispel magic the whole time? That would have been really useful for Micah to use on his stupid scrying ring.

Session 11: Ambush & Arson

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